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Bringing PIANO into the 21st Century

podcast show about 🎹 for ALL pianists

Hey 🎹 lovers out there! We are The Piano Pod, a bi-monthly podcast🎙 show, hosted by Yukimi Song and Clara Zhang--classical pianists & educators from NYC. Our podcast show is for anyone who plays the piano for fun, loves listening to piano music, is currently pursuing a career in piano, or works professionally in the music industry.

Twice a month, we interview a guest speaker who has been breaking exciting new ground in the music industry. Started during the coronavirus pandemic as a way to adjust to the new musical reality, the goals of The Piano Pod are to examine the traditions of the piano, adapt them, and expand its capabilities in this modern era. 


Meet the Pod

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Classical Pianist/Educator

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Classical Pianist/Educator

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The Piano Pod, Season 3 🎹

The Piano Pod, Season 3 🎹

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