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Friends 😃 of TPP

Guests from Season 2

Here is the list of TPP guests of the current season.

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Concert Pianist/Advocate

Guest C0-Hosts:

NYC Skyline BW

Co-Founder/Advisory Board


Eric Hunter is a multi-genre pianist, composer, and educator based in NYC. He co-founded The Piano Pod with Yukimi Song and Clara Zhang during the coronavirus pandemic. They together built the show's foundation: to examine the traditions of the piano, adapt them, and expand its capabilities in this modern era. 

Mr. Hunter co-hosted from the introductory episode of Season 1 to the 5th episode of Season 2. He stepped down from co-hosting in October 2021 and is now serving on an advisory board at TPP. In addition, he is a composer of our introductory and closing music. 

For more on Mr. Hunter's bio and portfolio, please visit

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